ACCESSNC provides workforce, community, and economic development professionals access to data and tools to improve strategic decision making. Data are aggregated from a variety of disparate sources and made available from the community level to the state level.

Buildings and Sites

Buildings and Sites allows businesses and individuals to search a database of available properties within the state and perform location-based analysis around each property. Users are able to review marketing profiles, predefined geographic profiles, and build custom reports based on user-defined service areas.

Certified Sites

To start the process of certification, a community must complete the Intent to Certify form and upload the necessary documents. The Intent to Certify form can be found on the far right of the site record under the Buildings & Sites Data Management tab. The full criteria and process for earning a designation as a NC Certified Site can be found in the CS Program Document.

Demographic and Business Data

Demographic and Business Data give users the ability to view predefined reports or to build custom reports on a variety of data points and at varying geographic levels. Reports can be developed on topics such as demographics, employment, education, quality of life, and specific companies operating within North Carolina.


The mapping tool provides users with similar information as the Demographic and Business Data, but with the ability to perform community-level analysis. Users can locate an address and then access information through the County Profile, a Custom County Report, or by creating a custom service area specifically to meet their business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are resources to answer some of the more common questions related to ACCESSNC: